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How HubSpot successfully implemented Privacy by Design


In the United States, Privacy by Design is not only one of the hottest topics in the privacy world, but also a recommended concept by the FTC and many other privacy authorities around the globe. But while the concept of Privacy by Design is becoming increasingly important, its practical implementation is often non-existent. Companies are often lacking expertise, resources or communication between the various departments.


Why is Privacy by Design so important? What is fundamental in a privacy strategy for a product? And how do you make Privacy by Design a central pillar of a company? Pamela Murray, Privacy and Security Program Management Lead at HubSpot, explains to us how one of the leading CRM software providers is dealing with these topics.


In our free webinar, you will learn practical tips and rules on how you can successfully implement Privacy by Design in your company.

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Pamela Murray

Lead, privacy and security program
management at hubspot

Pamela Murray is certified in Information Privacy Management (CIPM) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals as well as in Critical Controls by Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC). She has an advanced Diploma in Data Protection Law and has been working in the privacy world for more than five years, starting as a DPO for Intercom. For two years, she has been responsible for HubSpot’s privacy and security program.