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80% of the fines related to data protection are caused simply by a lack of knowledge of your employees. For this reason, training is the quickest, most practical and most economical way to avoid fines.

At Borneo, we make it easy for you with this course that we adapt to the individual needs of your company.

Course adapted to the needs of each department

Not all employees deal with the same data, so they should receive specialised training

We get to know the specific needs of your business

Depending on your industry and the type of data you process, your needs will differ from another company.

Easy access to our platform

Training is accessible 24 hours a day for 60 days from its activation for each student. Your employees can take it at any time.

Monitor employee progress

You will be able to see if your employees have pending courses or if they have already completed them

We provide you with all the tools necessary for data protection training

Discover how our training works

Provide a renowned guarantee that signifies the correct processing of data

Demonstrate to consumers that you’re compliant with legislation and they can trust you

Obtain the certificate of achievement: "Company committed to training in data protection"

Customers are increasingly concerned about their data. This certificate is a demonstration of security and a guarantee of trust.

Diploma for each employee

Each employee will be able to demonstrate that they are capable of processing the personal data they work with.

A trust seal for the company demonstrating security

Ensuring that you are in control of the data you process and take data protection very seriously helps you score points with consumers, with so much competition, this could be the tipping point that causes a customer to choose you over a competitor.


Online training

Theoretical documentation

Contents accesible 24 h a day

Adapted to each department

Data protection experts

Self-assessment tests


The course is aimed at employees of any type of company or public body.

Talk to us so that we know the characteristics and needs of your company and we will adapt the training so that it is suitable for your employees.

Because it is the first step to be able to process data correctly. With good training and knowledge of the different security measures, the possibility of suffering a security breach, making mistakes and having fines, will be much lower. For this reason, GDPR makes training an obligation.

Depending on the needs of your company and the data you are dealing with, this may vary. Ask for information, we will analyse your specific case and tell you how much time your employees will have to spend.

In order to comply with art. 32 of GDPR you must be able to prove that employees who have access to personal data have received training in this respect.

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