GDPR Risk Assessment


Identifies security measures from the outset to ensure GDPR compliance. The Borneo automated risk assessment makes it easy. Let us show you how:

Ensures the optimum level of safety

Simple and automated solution for a GDPR risk assessment

Detect risks

Depending on your company's assets, you will know the associated risks


You will have a comprehensive series of recommendations to ensure compliance

Tasks to be carried out

We propose a list of tasks to eliminate or mitigate risks

Steps to undertake the risk assessment

GDPR compliance has never been easier

Perform automated risk assessments with Borneo

The most comprehensive risk assessment

Borneo offers a simple and automated solution to carry out risk assessments. Our software allows companies to identify, from the outset, the technical and organisational measures to be implemented to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk. Once this assessment has been carried out, those responsible for the processing must apply the technical and organisational measures according to the risks detected.

Companies that carry out their risk assessment with Borneo will be able to determine the appropriate measures to guarantee an optimum level of security to comply with GDPR regulations. These measures should be implemented according to the state of the technology used, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are all the actions that are going to be carried out in order to prevent any possible threat related to data processing.

First the possible risks and threats have to be identified, then the risks have to be assessed, i.e. what the impact and consequences would be if one of the previously identified risks were to occur. Finally, the risks have to be addressed, taking measures to reduce the probability of a risk occurring and to minimize the damage it may cause.

To the improper use of the data, to its treatment without permission or to the elimination of data that are necessary.

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