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After carrying out a GDPR gap analysis, you will know exactly if there are gaps in your company’s data protection, where you are already well positioned and where you need to to improve in order for your company to comply with all the provisions of the GDPR. We’ll be happy to show you how using our automated gap analysis can help you:

Automatic GDPR gap analysis with Pridatect

Simple yes or no questions show you whether you protect your data sufficiently

Identify needs

Analyse the properties of all the data that you are processing and the related data protection requirements.

Identify risks

Easily identify gaps in your privacy compliance with our visual analysis.

Set improvement targets

Compare your current situation with recommended measures that you should take to adapt to the DSGVO

Free GDPR Quick Audit

Completely free of charge and in only 5 minutes

Identify potential gaps in your data protection programme and get practical advice for your data protection compliance.

What is a gap analysis according to the GDPR?

Identify vulnerabilities that you would need to remediate to minimize data protection risks

Identifying the gaps, and knowing the risks you face in terms of compliance with the GDPR, and identifying all the characteristics of the data you are dealing with, are the first steps in taking all the necessary measures to ensure that you meet all the requirements of the GDPR.

The GDPR gap analysis is an application that allows you to determine the current status of data protection and the implementation of the GDPR in your company. After this analysis you can take appropriate measures to ensure full compliance.

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mandatory for all activities in a company, and this often leads to doubts about compliance, especially because it involves constant changes in line with the needs that arise in everyday life. It is therefore necessary to constantly update the gap analysis and this task is not always easy.


When you perform a GDPR gap analysis, you accelerate this task. It helps you easily identify where you are already well positioned and what you need to improve. You can also set data protection goals to achieve full compliance once you have achieved them. The ability to define the exact current state of the company gives you a good starting point to determine all measures that are necessary to ensure full compliance with the GDPR.

The Pridatect GDPR Gap Analysis

Always adapted to your data processing

At Pridatect we have developed a gap analysis that helps you to identify all the problems you are facing and to have an answer when you determine the points to improve. The method we propose is based on a series of questions that you should ask yourself, depending on the characteristics of your company’s activity and the data you will be dealing with. Answering certain questions with yes or no will help you to identify whether you are taking a risk in this situation.

Detects what data is needed for different measures


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