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If you are providing legal advice to companies, you should be advising on data privacy and data protection

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Why Pridatect 360?

Processing Activities

Article 30 of the GDPR requires companies to maintain up to date records of processing activities.

With the Pridatect platform, you can record the exact data processing carried out by your clients and use this information to generate risk assessments and reports for further action.

Using Pridatect, you can easily maintain up to date processing records for your clients.

Data Transfers

Your clients need to know when there are international transfers of data and ensure these transfers – and the destinations – are compliant with the GDPR.

Pridatect makes it simple to keep track of and report on international data transfers, so you can ensure that your clients’ data transfers are legitimate or advise when they aren’t.

Complete risk assessment and technical and organisational measures (TOMs)

Pridatect allows you to perform a comprehensive risk assessment for processing activities and proposes risk solutions in the form of technical and organisational measures (TOMs).

Pridatect includes more than 100 TOMs, and you can easily add your own measures that may be unique to your clients.

Risk assessment is visualised in a risk heat map, an easy way to communicate with clients and demonstrate the value of your GDPR compliance service.

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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Article 35 GDPR establishes the cases in which it will be necessary to carry out an impact evaluation.

A key role for any GDPR compliance advisor is identifying when there is a requirement for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), and advising and assisting with the preparation and presentation of the DPIA and potentially communicating with the regulator.

The Pridatect platform gives the tools to be able to compile and present the information required for the DPIA – both internally and externally. This adds great value for your clients and is an area where they often lack the resources and expertise to comply with their legal obligations under the GDPR.

Data map

With Pridatect, you will have a complete mapping of all your clients’ processing activities, what data was processed and the origins and recipients of data.

Having all compliance data in one, secure platform means that you can easily manage ongoing compliance activities, quickly execute periodic audits and rapidly respond to any regulatory reporting requests.

Automated and Flexible Reporting

The extensive library of automated and customisable reports included with Pridatect makes it a most valuable tool for supporting your clients.

From high-level reports to the board to detailed technical reports for data processors, the internal security team, or regulatory bodies, Pridatect delivers at the push of a button.

Time-consuming information gathering, analysis and data preparation can be replaced with Pridatect’s automated and flexible reporting module.

That means supporting your clients doesn’t have to take up lots of time and eat into your other revenue-generating activities.


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