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If you are involved in Risk Assessment, Risk Management or Risk Prevention, you should know about Pridatect's GDPR compliance solutions

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Grow your practice while helping your clients reduce risk with a clear path to GDPR compliance.

Data privacy and data protection are key elements in an organisation’s risk strategy. GDPR compliance drives additional revenue and consulting opportunities for Risk professionals.

Why Pridatect?

An effective privacy solution that is surprisingly easy to use

The Pridatect solution is comprehensive and easy to use. That means Pridatect users can reduce the time invested in each compliance action by up to 80%, even for users who are not experts in data protection.

Adding Pridatect to your portfolio doesn’t mean hiring expensive legal and privacy experts. The expertise is in the system; you just have to offer the service to your clients.

Automation of complex legal processes

Pridatect is built by legal experts and has a huge database of up to date legal documents, texts and agreements.

Generate all the documentation and legal texts required for compliance with the GDPR at the press of a button.

Or customise our templates to address the specific needs of each client.

With Pridatect, it is like having a team of legal and privacy experts on the payroll.

With Pridatect you are in control

The Pridatect platform comes pre-populated with a library of legal documents and texts related to GDPR compliance, many bespoke for different industry sectors.

But with Pridatect, you are always in control. Amend our templates, add your own documents, choose your reporting options to suit you and your client.

With the ability to quickly amend our templates for specific client circumstances, brand documents and publish at the push of a button, the Pridatect platform dramatically speeds up your internal processes, reduces the costs of managing clients and frees up time for more revenue-generating activities.

Permanent Legal Support

When you partner with Pridatect, you gain access to our team of legal and data protection experts – all available in real-time by call, e-mail or direct chat from the platform.

With Pridatect behind your GDPR compliance service you can offer clients of all sizes the same kind of expertise and resource that until now only large corporations had access to.

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At Pridatect we speak your language

The Pridatect platform includes all the documentation and legal information you require in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

As we expand into new territories, the languages we offer will grow to include French, Italian, Dutch and more.

With additional languages, we bring more opportunities to penetrate additional markets and to work with larger organisations with a presence in several countries.

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