Data protection platform for risk prevention professionals

As a risk prevention company, you know how important your customer's data are. When offering the risk prevention audit, why not offer the data protection adaptation service?

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Make sure that your clients comply perfectly with the GDPR to offer a quality service online.

Why Pridatect?

Maximum agility and efficiency

Our solution is the most intuitive, versatile and agile in the market. This allows to reduce up to 80% the time for each adaptation and fulfillments to people who are not experts in data protection.

To use Pridatect, neither you nor your clients will have to be professionals in the matter. You just have to know that, starting today, in your company, doing the work in the field of information security of your customers will be much easier than before.

Automation of complex legal processes.

Pridatect uses legal algorithms to generate documentation and texts of adaptation to the GDPR, according to industry and specificities of each client.

We try to avoid all possible human errors. Therefore, Pridatect is a tool that combines the knowledge of experts in the sector with the most advanced technique so that nothing escapes us in the definition of compliance with the regulations for each specific client.

A platform that suits you

The Pridatect solution has multiple templates according to the sector and hundreds of customizable documents according to the risks, type of activity, etc.

In addition, the platform allows to automate processes with own templates of each professional.

We think that our users feel more secure when they feel that they are living a professionalized experience and, above all, personalized. We know that not all your customers have the same needs, but you do not have to invest more time in data protection management for this reason. Do not worry, we are here to customize everything and to personalize it well.

Permanent Legal Support

You will have at your disposal a team of experts in data protection to clarify all your doubts.

We know that these are issues that can generate doubts and concerns. Therefore, we will be with you at any time to remind you that you have really put yourself in the hands of experts.

Multi language

With the Pridatect solution you have all the documentation and legal information generated in English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque.

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