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You are already providing clients with professional legal services. Why not help them to build robust data privacy processes and meet their GDPR compliance obligations?

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You already know that all UK companies have to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Your clients probably know it as well.

But although the GDPR has been in force for over a year, many companies are struggling to address data privacy issues and comply with the regulation.

SMEs don’t have the personnel or the budget of large corporates, but they still have the same legal obligations.

With the Pridatect platform, you can help your clients throughout the journey to GDPR compliance and beyond. Data privacy is an ongoing concern – processes need to be kept up to date, new employees trained, data retention policies adhered to, consent and subject access requests managed.

With the help of the Pridatect platform, Legal Firms are ideally placed to offer GDPR compliance-as-a-service to their clients.

As a trusted data privacy partner you can solve real problems for your clients, strengthen relationships, and build a new revenue stream.

Why Pridatect?

Automation of Complex Legal Processes

The Pridatect platform comes pre-populated with a library of legal documents and texts related to GDPR compliance, many tailored to specific sectors.

With the ability to quickly amend our templates for specific client circumstances, brand documents and publish at the push of a button, the Pridatect platform dramatically speeds up your internal processes, reduces the costs of managing clients and frees up time for more revenue-generating activities.

Managing Multiple Clients

The Pridatect platform means that once your client is set up on the system, the processes involved in managing the account are highly automated and much of the work can be done by staff who are not legal or privacy experts.

Pridatect users report up to 80% time saving for each compliance interaction, allowing them to provide an effective GDPR compliance service for large numbers of clients with minimal effort.

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A platform that suits every business

Whatever sector your clients work in, Pridatect will have templates and customisable documents ready to use out of the box.

Of course, with Pridatect you can edit and customise your documents any time you need to.


Permanent Legal Support

At Pridatect customer service is at the centre of everything we do.

Uniquely in the sector, Pridatect’s customers have access to a team of data privacy and legal experts available to help you and your clients with any questions you might have – all available in real-time by voice, email or online chat.

Multi Language

Pridatect also knows languages. In our platform, you will have all the documentation and legal information you require in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

As we expand into new territories, the languages we offer will grow to include French, Italian, Dutch and more.

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