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Why Pridatect?

Accurate, updated legal documentation

Pridatect was built by legal professionals and data privacy experts.

Our growing database of documentation, legal texts and agreements is tailored to a number of industry sectors and fully customisable.

The legal team at Pridatect constantly monitors new rulings in data privacy cases and interpretations of the GDPR by regulators across the European Union to ensure the Pridatect database and knowledgebase is always up to date.

Driving efficiency through ease of use

Our solution is the most intuitive, versatile and agile in the market.

The Pridatect solution is comprehensive and easy to use. That means Pridatect users can reduce the time invested in each compliance action by up to 80%, even for users who are not experts in data protection.

When you partner with Pridatect, you are building a business that can scale – without hiring expensive legal experts.

Automation of complex legal processes

Pridatect is built by legal experts.

Generate documentation, legal texts and agreements required for compliance with the GDPR at the press of a button.

Or customise our templates to address the specific needs of each client.

Pridatect is an intelligent system, but you are always in control.

At Pridatect we Speak Your Language

Pridatect also knows languages.

On the Pridatect platform, you will have all the documentation and legal information you require in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

As we expand into new territories, the languages we offer will grow to include French, Italian, Dutch and more.

Permanent Legal Support

When you partner with Pridatect, you will have access to a team of legal and data protection experts to answer your questions – all available in real-time by call, e-mail or direct chat from the platform.

With Pridatect behind your GDPR compliance services, your clients get big business compliance expertise at SME prices.

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