Data Protection Platform for Agencies

As an agency, you may already be helping your clients with legal, marketing and financial services. Are you also helping them to comply with the GDPR?

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Why Pridatect?

Customised, up to date legal documentation

Pridatect’s secure cloud platform lets you generate all the legal documents you require for your clients.

With sector-specific detail and fully customisable.

Driving efficiency through ease of use

The Pridatect solution is comprehensive and easy to use. That means Pridatect users can reduce the time invested in each compliance action by up to 80%, even for users who are not experts in data protection.

Automation of complex legal processes

Pridatect is built by legal experts. Generate documentation and legal texts required for compliance with the GDPR at the press of a button.

Or customise our templates to address the specific needs of each client.

Permanent Legal Support

When you partner with Pridatect, you will have access to a team of data protection experts to answer your questions – all available in real-time by call, e-mail or direct chat from the platform.

No-one helps you help your clients on their GDPR compliance journey like Pridatect.

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