Simplifying Data Protection for Professionals

Pridatect is the ultimate Data Protection tool for professionals that allows you to manage the GDPR regulatory compliance of your clients

Pridatect simplifies your data protection

Monitoring the Compliance with the GDPR

Documentation of all processes in which personal data is processed in your company

Easy Task Management

Creation of automatically generated data protection reports, registers of processing activities, data maps, etc.

Intelligent Solutions

Inform the organization and the supervisory authority through a detailed DPO report.

Monitor Compliance with the GDPR

Pridatect enables the data protection officer to monitor compliance with all data protection regulations.

  • Creation of a Register of Processing Activities
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Conduction of Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Creation of Data Protection Reports for Authorities or Managing Directors
  • Monitoring of Authorizations for Reading, Editing and Deleting Data by Various Processors

Easy Task Management

A clear management of all processing activities and risk and security management in a visually appealing format.

  • All Data Protection-relevant documents securely in one place
  • No paper chaos, Excel files or thick folders
  • Processes and Procedures in appealing graphics to make the topic of Data Protection understandable for non-experts as well
  • Assignment of tasks to responsible employees, e.g. for the creation of  Processing Activities
  • Examples and templates for technical and organizational measures, recipients, data types and many more
  • Creation of different data flows of a processing activity

Intelligent Solutions

With the help of our user-friendly applications, you always know exactly what to enter, even if you are not an expert.

  • The data you enter on our platform will automatically generate a GDPR report
  • Once a risk has been entered, a Risk Assessment is carried out using the existing TOMs and a risk graph is generated
  • Automatic generation of a data map with visual identification of the data category, the data origin and the respective recipient
  • The intuitive software simplifies very annoying GDPR obligations for you

Why Pridatect?

Clearly structured
and efficient

Saves time
and money

All-round security
for your company

User friendly

Pridatect is characterized by its easy handling. The platform is intuitive and works with many examples and input suggestions. Say goodbye to Excel files and thick folders and collect all data protection relevant documents in one software. Procedures and processes can be visualized in appealing graphics to make the topic of data protection understandable even for non-experts.

Save time, money and nerves

Pridatect improves the efficiency of GDPR compliance by allowing you to create a privacy report in minutes and use the time you gain for other tasks.

Trustworthy and transparent

Transparency is a “must have” for customer confidence. Show your customers that data protection is taken seriously in your company and has top priority. Pridatect helps you proactively show customers, stakeholders and employees how secure your personal data is.


All-round security

GDPR can be also complex for experts. Pridatect includes all the necessary applications to help you master the GDPR. All documents are securely stored in the software. So it is also no problem if the responsible data protection officer is on holiday and an audit is just around the corner.